My experience was excellent, especially
because of the attention I received from
Dr. Guzmán and the specialists, even
after the surgery. I would never change
him as my doctor, I recommend him
to everyone, I didn’t even want him
to discharge me.

- Ashley Bermúdez, 17 years old

I’ve been a patient since I was 9 years old and I had
surgery at 14. My experience was excellent; he was always
very attentive and very committed to the outcome
of the surgery and the post-surgical process.

- Natalia Ortiz Berrios, 14 years old

It was a very impressive experience.
Thanks to him I’m extremely well.

- Miladys Santiago, 23 years old

I’m very satisfied; he was very straightforward
since she was little. Thanks to God the results
are excellent.

- María Berrios, mother of Natalia Ortiz Berrios